Defintion of volleyball?



volleyball n
a team game played by hitting a large inflated ball over a net with the hands; the ball used.

Where can i find places to find volleyball stuff?

hitting a ball over a net back and forth until someone doesn't get it and then someone gets a point

Were can fine a volleyball team in worcester?

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Main Entry: vol·ley·ball
Pronunciation: 'vä-lE-"bol
Function: noun
: a game played by volleying an inflated ball over a net; also : the ball used in this game
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Are there Men's volleyball knee pads?

A sport play with equipmetn such as a net poles, medium sized "volleyball". Normally 6 players are on either side of the court, one person seves the ball from the "servers spot" behind the back out-of-bounds line by thrusting the ball from your hand using a force known as YOUR HAND over the net to the other team. The other team can use a tip, bump, spike, hit, or set in only a combination of three to get the ball to the other side without the ball touching the ground. once the ball in "volleyed" and ends up either out of bounds or it hits the floor one of the teams receives a point.

I have volleyball tryouts tomorrow ?

Bump, set, spike!


"volley" means to keep up in the air. so "volleyball" means to keep a ball up in the air by "volleying" it (keep touching/hitting it)

Volleyball help!?

A game played by both teams on a rectanglar court divided by a high net, in which both teams use up to three hits to ground the ball on the opposing team's side of the net

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