6 net sports that do not use a ball?


I am looking for some recreational volleyball leagues in the Downingtown, PA area. I am a B level player.?

Badminton,Ice Hockey

Give me a good way to practice englisg?

badminton & ice hockey

Amount of people on team?

fishing, ice hockey, badmington,

Is there a volleyball team that plays in dunfermline?

Discus (the net behing the thrower)
Trapeze (safety net)
can't think of another

How many players are there in volleyball team?

badminton<ice hockey<sepak takra

Once you have reached varsity level of overhand serving do uthink its time to jump serve?





5-Trapeze (I think it's a sport?)RIGHT?!?!

UMMM... I dont know a 6th one. I thought that this was going to be an easy question! YOU fooled me bOY!!! LOL..JK

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