Creative Volleyball Games??

I'm supposed to think or find a creative game for my p.e class..but I can't seem to find something im interested in..I'd like it to do with volleyball..some things other kids did were volleyball but with the feet..but im into spiking..hhmm..any creative people out there? I have to have rules, how they score and what not just like a normal specific!! Oh, and i have to modify the game at a 10 minute please! :]


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if the people in your class are any good then you could play a game of blind volleyball. what you do is put a sheet draped across the net so that you can't see the other side which helps people learn to stay down and be ready. this could be hard if the people in your class arent very good and dont know the basic rules but its a lot of fun once you get the hang of it

you could also play "dead fish" it is a game to practice serving. you have two teams and one team goes on each side and serves. when one person misses they go to the other side. the rest of the team has to hit them in order to get them back in. at the end of the game the team with the least amount of people laying on the other side wins

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if you have a full gym area what you can do is something that we used to do in class.with a twist. make the nets go across the basketball court as if to cut it off. and have soccer/volleyball/basketball..

Make a designated area in the middle of the court around the net as the VOLLEYBALL zone.and then the other 2 zones would be soccer or basetball (3 zones,)

start the game as volleyball... in the middle...and allow the teams to use all factions of all sports..they can kick it if it hits the ground as soccer and they can play it to score a goal if the stay with soccer. if it gets kicked up int eh air and is caught in the two end areas by the hoops (that arent in the VOLLEYBALL ZONE) they can bounce the ball, pass it, etc, **play basketball**. if the other team gets the ball and is using basketball still and they cross into the VOLLEYBALL zone they need to use volleyball skills to hit the ball OVER the net. once over, it can go back and fourh in a volleyball manner, unitl either on the ground for soccer or back out of the VBZONE for basketball again..

goals for soccer are 1 point, baskets are 1 point team with most points in 10 mins win!!1

hope this helps! seems fun to me!

Do you know any vollyball facts that is fun and easy to read?

dodge ball using VB court but only from the end line to the attack line(9x6m).

have fun playing

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