What is a good way to to build up your leg strengh so that you can jump higher when playing volleyball?

i hope to make varstiy next year but have to be able to jump higher!


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Running bleachers or steps is great but, jumping rope can really help too. Hope this helps.

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One good way would be to wear small ankle weights when you play or practice volleyball. This will strengthen your calves and other leg muscles and when you play without the weights, you will jump higher.

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Calf raises, jump rope, strength training shoes, are just a few. Try plyometrics as well, but take care of your knees cause all this will effent them later.

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That first girl is right, but squats will not only help your jump, but it will put a little junk in the trunk too yaya!


Running, Strength shoes. Use the strength shoes to do block jumps on the wall...wall sits...run bleechers...

Squats, anything to work the hamstrings, and the quads...

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playing beach is a good way to build you leg muscles

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You definitely want to do stuff where you are working on using energy against the floor. Explosive exercises like squats, cleans, and jammer are good, but only if you have someone who is trained to watch you in a weight room. Jumping rope and plyometrics (quick and explosive jumps onto boxes, etc.) are also great to improve your jump.

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I would suggest Jump ropeing everyday. like you should jump rope like regular off of both feet and then off of your left and then off of your right. do that for like 2 minutes each thing. I also would suggest doing like squats where you take a bench press bar put about 10 or 20 pounds on it. Rest the bar on your shoulders.(you will do this drill standing up) then like squat down hold it for three secounds then stand back up and do about 5 to 10 of those. Also just running will build up your leg strength. Also, a drill where you jump as high as you can and grab your legs and tuck them in. kind og like knee hugs and high knees all in one drill. Get like a line on the floor and jump side to side for like a min. and then jump front to back for a minute. and then like jump as high as you can over the line for a min. the first two are supposed to be really quick. The third one does not have to be fast you can go at a slower pase. Good luck at making varsity!

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by going somewhere that has a net a practicing an approach on the net to improve your jump or workout your legs to get them stronger! Duh anyone would know that if they have played before!

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u have to do jumps on stairs for the thighs and then work Ur calf's.. the calf's are more important for that quick jumps

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No better way to build up your vertical jump then jumping! Another leg strengthening exercises will help too but not as much usually.
Hope this helped.

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Do Cone jumping. Put an orange cone down,standing up,and jump over it from side to side,do lots of running,leg press,Squats are one of the best!Jump rope

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leg presses
wall taps

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good suggestions here. you can also do plyometric training. it trains you to have more explosive power, something i think can help you jump higher!! ;)

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wall sits

they help build muscles in your legs

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You need to do calf raises, if your school has a squat machine you put weight on there and go up and doesn on tor toes. It burns but it really helps. Also do reagular squats, ask your school trainer if he can give you any tips in the weight room.

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