Any good tips on how to set a volleyball if is higher than the net.?

And its illegal to tip it if it higher than the net


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the setter of course can choose to tip the ball, granted she waits until the part of the ball is lower than the net. This is tricky because it's a judgement call on the referee's behalf whether or not the ball is below the net. If the ball is below the net and a tip occurs, be careful because they can also call a lift on you. If the ball has not crossed the plane of the net and is a nice high pass, I don't understand why the setter wouldn't just set an attacker.

my answer assumes that the setter is a back row player.

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No one can spike in your league because a spike is done over the net. So, you can set it any way you wish since no one can spike anyway.

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Not illegal but, You would not need to tip. This is where the spiker comes in. The players are the Setter, spiker, and the limbero (backline player.) Spiking is not illegal or there would not be that position. So coach needs to study up a little.

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well if it like actually above the net, then you should spike it. but otherwise just jump or wait for it to come to you.

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