can they go away? if so, HOW!?~??~


I'm a junior now and I'm planning to play volleyball. If I try out, is it alright to make just JV?

Birthmarks stay with you for life, i'm afraid! the only way that you can get rid of bithmarks is through very painful and expensive laser surgery or plastic surgery!

Give me ten volleyball players?

nope..unless u have them surgically removed if you are that despriate

What website teaches you about Volleyball?

I don't think they can go away, as far as I know.

I need information on basketball, volleyball, soccer?


Volleyball is the best sport am i right?

If you are referring to yourself then the answer is no. You will have to see a doctor to get them removed. Babies are sometimes born with birthmarks that fade, and eventually disappear.

What's your favorite sport??

you can get them lasered off- painless

How to u serve a volleyball successfully?

Surgical removal is the only way to get rid of them. Don't use any special cream or lotion that says they get rid of birthmarks. If it's really that bad, then get it removed - safest thing you can do.

So its elementary volleyball and Coach doesn't play me or my friend AT ALL for four games?!?!?!?!?

The don't go away on their own. There are surgical and cosmetic treatment that can be done if you are so inclined.

I have a round mole on each shoulder blade and on my lower back. It looks like a emoticon face! But I don't mind them because my Dr says they're not cancerous.

If you don't like the birthmarks you have, go see a Dermatologist (skin specialist) and see what they say. Ultimately it's up to you to accept the way you are born, or find a surgical way to change what you don't like.

Best wishes, and I hope this helps!

In your opinion, what are good volleyball camps/clinics/etc? anything.?

Why would you want them to? That is part of what makes you unique, better than me because I don't have one there... Most people have to go to a tatoo parlor and get one... Jealous!

you can have them removed, but why? If you have the resources then do it through plastic surgery. But if you don't, who cares.
We all have something we are uncomfortable with, I have learned to live with my faults or things I don't like about myself and my real friends have accepted me as I am. You owe it to yourself to accept the person you see in the mirror every day - you might be nice.

Does anyone luv volleyball??

Birthmarks can be either temporary or more commonly they are Permanent.
I have TWO birthmarks (one at the bridge of my nose and one at the back of my neck.)
As I am told by my mom, she saw my father shoot a rabbit with an arrow that struck the rabbit right in the forehead and exited through the back of the rabbit's head. - While mom was carrying me, this "effected" her so much that it actually became imprinted on my face and neck!
I jokingly reply when others comment about this birthmark saying, "I got "shot" by one of my Elementary school teachers for not listening in class! - SEE how important it is to LISTEN?"

Laser-technology nowadays can remove or alter many versions of marks. - Consult your TRUSTED Dermatologist for suggestions.

What volleyball do you like better? beach or regular?

I think u can lick them off.

Does anyone have any funny volleyball slogans/sayings to put on a game day t shirt?

no, birthmarks can't go away. sorry.

Is anyone a volleyball referee?does u find it difficult ?(i was also but quitted)?

NO! They are birth marks...Like a scar...They NEVER go away!! LOL. That is a really funny question! HA HA HEHE !.. You could get it cut out of your skin but, that will just cause a big scar...LOL!!

Best shoe for me?

volleyball? is it the shape of a volleyball? if not, then wtf is it doing in this section..?

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