Any good volleyball camps around minnesota? looking for any really good camps in or around minnesota? i know about the saint marys camp...but any others? thankssss =]


Setting Tips?

Here's a few websites for you.
Good Luck.

If these don't work, just search for more in google or yahoo or something along that line.

Help! I Need help to become a really good volley-ball player especially with over-hand serving?

yeppp i know how you feel.
um there's the club ones liike mn select, northern lights, m1...ect. they have all skills camps & specific skills. and for the longer ones..can't help you there cuz i got brochures in the mail but they were called MVI & S.P.I.K.E...hope that helped

Is taking off a headband during a game a violation?

the Junior Olympics will be held in Minneapolis this year at the end of June. Check to see if there is anything for you. Also, check with your USAV regional office & YMCA.

Have fun playing.

What should I do about this dilemma?

check out all the local universities! since I live in North Carolina I'm kinda lucky because I have duke, unc, and nc state camps to attend.

Do u know any cheers for volleyball?

A great way to improve is to attend the Mizuno Northern Lights Summer Camps and private skills sessions. Also the MVI camps are very good. the Mizuno camps are held in the Midwest Volleyball Warehouse located in Burnsville, MN. The MVI is usually held at Macalaster College in St Paul

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