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Does anyone know how to hide floor burn scars from volleyball? Please help.


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Well you should be proud of your burns! This means you most likely took one for the team. But if you really want to cover it up use some foundation and let it dry before you put your clothing on and leave the house. Are these scars on your knees?? If so you might want to try a new type of knee pads. But if they are on your elbows or hips or something then your technique is off. Ask your coach how you need to improve on your dive or something. Also jump some rope. It will help you move your feet faster on the floor. This way you can get under the ball without having to sacrifice your body.

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Use the foundation you use on your face on wherever your burns are. Make sure it dries up if it's liquid- like. You should probably use powder.


You should try to prevent the burns to begin with. like wearing socks that go up to your knee pads so that there is no skin showing, thats where i ususally get my burns.! But if you go to the drug store and ask the person at the beauty counter about it, they might have something for it:)

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try useing Maderma.. it's for scars and it should lighten them up. that's what i use and it works pretty good

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