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I was watching volleyball on TV the other day and couldn't figure out why some of the players had opposit colour jerseys...This was on both Teams in the finals of the Canadian University Championships. What is the significance of the shirts?


Am a volleybal player and i wish 2 visit europe 2 play professional .i need help from anyone who can help.?

I was there! That was a sick weekend of volleyball. But those players with the different jerseys were liberos. The libero of the team is almost always the best passer unless the best passer would make a stronger hitter. The jerseys are opposite so that the refs/scorekeepers don't have to worry about keeping track of that substitution. Because the libero is able to substitute freely but only in the back row.

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They are specialized players--defensive specialists. They are not allowed to attack (spike) or be on the front line.

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the opposite color jersey is the person on the team who is usually the best passer, they are called libero. it is a new rule that you are allowed to use them, they are allowed to switch in at any dead ball for someone and it doesn't count as a substitution. they usually switch with a middle hitter because they are usually the worst people at playing defense. the libero is allowed to attack but the must be behind the 10 ft line and cannot be above the net. i hope this hels and if you have anymore questions about volleyball just ask. i have played since 5th grade, and i am a freshman now and i was on JV and i'll be on varsity next year. so i know a lot about volleyball and also the rules. feel free to ask!

Like i need quick volleyball cheers like for your team to do when u get a cheer?

well in volleyball they call that person the libero. It is a reall cool spot they can't play the front row so i hate it but the coachs like it because you don't ave to stop the game to let them come in they just run in and t when needed.

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Well, I personally love VOLLEYBALL! the different colored shirt signifies the LaBarrow<<---im not sure of the spelling? This person is a defensive specialist and only plays through the back row. This person can serve, but they can not attack the net from in front of the 10ft. approach line. They cant jump in front of that line either. The labarrow can come in for any player, as long as it is in between a play and he or she enters from behind the 10ft line. Hope this helps you to understand!! Volleyball can be confusing, but it is TONS of FUN!

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There called liberos. I don't really know why they wear different jersys. They run in and out of the game, so they'll never serve, play front row and never start a game.----I play this posistion.

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