Can you be come a volleyball player?


In volleyball what happens when a players body hits the net?

no, it's all must get the volleyball gene from both parents.

I need help with my jump serve... any information out there?

How old are you? You need to get into a volleyball club team (in addition to playing for your school). You need to work on your vertical jump, agilities, and of course, learn the basics (passing, setting, hitting). Being a volleyball player (or an athlete of any sport) takes time, hard work, dedication, and desire. Some are born with natural talent and others have to bust their butts to get to the top. Don't be afraid to work hard, it will all help you in the long run.

What is a good name for club volleyball it's name is zia?

sure all you have to do is play volleyball
its fun

What drills can really help my team's overhand serving?

Ya it's like any other sport. Get out there and practice any chance you get. Sign up for clubs, rec teams, school teams...whatever you can do to play more. Just make sure you don't jump into a league that is above your skill level. That would only be discouraging and would ruin such an amazing sport for you.

Do you like volleyball? why?

NO WAY!!! I would NEVER EVER become a volleyball player because I completely, totally, utterly ONE TRILLION PERCENT suck at it!!! Everyone yells and hollers at me, for either hitting the ball or for not moving for the ball at all. Not only that, but the uniforms SUCK big time!!!

What is a float serve?

yes you can become a volleyball player you just need to go and get involve with a team and practice every time and you get the seance of the game and your a volley ball player. it's that easy.

How many spikes do the shoes of discus and hammer throwers have?

Yes, I can.

Where to play beach volleyball in Gold Coast?

yea you can become a good volleyball player. Like they say all you need is hard work and dedication. You really have to want it. And ignore what that first girl said about u need the genes i think she was on crack when she said that!! And just because people may yell at you, it doesn't mean that you suck. If that happens dont get upset or give up thats coaches' ways of telling you what you need to improve. Trust me i know. My coach used to tell me that i need to get to the ball faster and bend my knees more and that i need to aim better. But then after i listened to her she told me that i was like one of the best players on the team. and i have seen people who have a lot of potential just give up because they take coaches criticism seriously. You can do anything you put ur mind up to

A volleyball game must be won by how many points?

YEAH!! OF CORSE!! You can be almost whatever YOU want to be. It takes work being a Volleyball Player but I bet you have it in you. Fist you need to start playing it for fun if you aren't already. Then if you are in school try out for the school tem, who cares what team you make as long as you keep on working on your skills. If you dont think you can do it then you will FAIL. So stay positive!! Have fun Chick.

How do you deal with unsupporting teammates?

well you need good hand eye cordination but yes almost anybody can become a vball player. It takes major practice. It won't come easy so you'll definetly have to work hard at it.

Ohh. and it helps if you have a sense of

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