Do girls like the spandex?

Do girls like to where the spandex volleyball uniforms, because im sure the fans like it.


What are some good grass doubles strategies?

Well...I personally like to wear spandex cause they are comfortable, but i must agree that the fat girls should just stay away from them lol! Save my eyes the pain. I also hate it when old guys or creepy people whistle at you and stuff when you have spandex on...I mean get a life....

What is a kill in volley ball?

I like it when guys who have cute bootys where it ;)

Does anyone know any volleyball cheers with beats ot stomps that are kinda long but really good?

Of course. but for a grown man to sit and watch volleyball for that- is the same as a grown man putting bikini posters on his walls.

How can i make my service in volleyball over the net using over head service?

if its makes them look good then so be it, and i know they will like it too, for those who look good in it.

What is a good drill for the defensive sprawl in volleyball?

They look cute on me, but sometimes there're girls that don't look cute in them at all, and that's just disgusting. I like wearing them when i play volleyball, cause they're freeer to move around in. But then there's also the creepy old men who stare ;-)

What are the rules for playing elementary volleyball?

nope, i play v-ball & i hate them, i'd rather just have a short pair of plain fabric shorts, no knee pads tho, they get in the way. i'd rather just get the cuts & bruises

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