Are the any good Volleyball games?

I am doing a project in school were we need to use a volleyball. I have no good ideas. It just needs to have a volleyball in it.


Anyone else here a big vball fan?

Queen of the Court is a good game
Dead Fish-
its a serving game...split into 2 teams.and serve over and over and over...and when you miss a serve you have to go and lay on the other
teams side and flop around like a fish...then your teammates serve and
try to hit you with the ball...and when you get hit you are back in the game

there is this other game...but i forgot the name...but split into 2 teams...and # off..and put a rack of volleyballs in the middle of the court and when your # is called run and try to get a volleyball...then run back to your side and serve and if your serve gets over first you get a point but if you miss the serve...go get ur ball and serve until somebody makes the serve

What's the hardest volleyball spike in the world?

sorry, i dont know * about volleyball

Whats the most effective way to increase vertical leap?

you should just play baseball with a volleyball...if that answers you question, i hope i can help you out!

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try queen of the court! four players on each side of the net and the side that wins the rally goes the the "queen" side of the court and then the side that loses goes to the end of the line and then four new players step onto the court to battle the "queens"! this continues until everyone decides theve had enough haha hope that helps!

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