What volleyball do you like better? beach or regular?


Can boys play?

beach it's harder and you see more hotties

Who are the favorites to win the Men's NCAA Championship?


This is a volleyball question?

beach its a lot more active

Who loves volleyball out there?

beach, it is easyer to nock people to the ground = )

In indoor volleyball who or rather what position is the person with the off colored jersey on each team?

regular... indoor volleyball... it would be to hot if you play outside or in the beach, but that's fine...

Know any good rewards for middle school volleyball players?

BEACH! its hot and happening and a lot of fun to play and watch

Who are volleyball's best male and female outside hitters of all time?

It would depend on what you want to accomplish. I you want just a lot of running around fun, then beach. But if you are more serious and competitive then indoor. Both are fun, beach uses a lot of leg power, especially when jumping in the sand. If you want the feeling of projection then I would go with indoor, you can jump much higher on a solid floor.

Is it gay for guys to play volleyball?

I perfer indoor volleyball! I have alot of speed and agility and playing on the sand it kind of ruin my advantages over other players. Although beach volleyball is fun as well, I perfer what works to my benefits.

Does anybody knows anythink about Ivan Miljkovic one of the best player volleyball in serbia?thenks?

I think that regular is good if you want to seriously be competiting...But if it's jsut for funn Beach:D

Hey volleyball players... OK i made my division club volleyball it has players across the school board,,,?

I think beach volley ball is better because you sweat alot and when your done the game you can go swimming

Pumping up?

Both. Beach is more fun though.

What is a foot fault in the sport of volleyball?

Ever since regular volley ball made the following changes the libero player and the new rally point scoring system I prefer the regular. I have also come to appreciate the strategy that's involved.

Plus it's great how unpredictable it's in who will win for both the men and women. Men have such elite teams as Italy, Brazil, Russia, other Eastern European teams and the women of course have Cuba, Russia, China, and Brazil. Who knows how the USA will do.

Good deoderant for very active female?

2 different worlds. Beach is more up and down approach where indoor is a more lunging attack.

Indoor is like a choreographed routine where each player knows there role where outdoor is more of a gladiator version where the best conditioned team wins.

I would have to go with indoor just because its more fun to jump off the springboard wood floor in a gym.

What do you do to make you jump higher?

Well.. I perfer Both..
Indoor-I play the most indoor because of the winter...
Beach-i play that in the summer and its fun and you can def. get alot of exercise from that because the sand is harder to move around in.. but I'm use to it because i have one in my backyard.. even though its not beach there is sand and a net.. and in the summer i play.. and i have been so much better!

How to develop a good jump serve?

i like to play indoor volleyball more than beach. But I like watching beach volleyball a lot. Especially Misty May and Kerri Walsh!

Wallyball is it a sport??


What is the difference between a volleyball match and a game?

I like them both.

GIRLS ONLY! if your boyfriend cheated on you and was right in front of you lauging about it, wat would u do?


Team motto?

Definitely BEACH it's alot meore fun NO RULES (well not that many)

Which volleyball scoring do you like best the rally scoring or the traditional scoring?


What are the 2 types of volleyball game? and state the difference.?

Indoor is so much better if your a competitor like me. If you'd like a serious match go for the indoor.

Now outdoor, that's if your just hanging out with friends and just want a relaxing game.

Me I prefer indoor.


That's hard! I just really luv volleyball! cb (comment back)
Party Gal

How do you jump higher, like for volleyball?


What is the best position in volleyball? Spiker, setter, or limbero(back row player).?

Well kinda beach because if you fall it's.But I kinda like regular because of the big crowd cheering you on and all the excitement.

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