Can my foot hit the volleyball in the air and it be live still?

I play in leagues and with friends and in my league we use international rules that your foot doesnt have to be planted and you can use it at any team.. I think.. unless they just call it wrong.. but recently when playing with friends i more or less hacky sacked the ball up in the air and they called it a dead ball.. they say the foot has to be planted.. but according to the usavolleyball rules it just says that any part of the body can be used to hit the ball.. but i know in highschool leagues the ball has to be hit above the waist here in MI


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Yes, It can I justed friends mom is a volleyball offical and it can hit your foot!!~

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yes it can, if it goes over the net it works as a great save!

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Above the waist only. Foot is considered out of bounds - dead ball.

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your in america so use american rules not international. I am a college volleyball player and MVP of my team. you can only use your hands and arms. NO FEET ALLOWED!

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yes, i think so, ive never tried it

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NO IT CANT! anything above your waist is playable and anything below is a dead ball. trust me, i know!

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i have no idea. you should look in the rool book and show your coach. If the ref calls it wrong, the coach can show the ref that it is legal.

it may work

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Your in America Now buddy! So I would suggest using the American rules, not international. I am a volleyball player and so I know what I am saying, you can only use your hands and arms. NO FEET ALLOWED! If you use your feet you lose the ball. I would suggest not using your feet. This is NOT Soccer bud.

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It usually depends on the ref.

I would not recommend it though, just in case the ref doesn't allow it.

If it is the only thing you can do though, you might as well try it.

Good luck!

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