Can a volleyball hit my foot in the air and it still be alive part 2?

Question:Can my foot hit the volleyball in the air and it be live still?
I play in leagues and with friends and in my league we use international rules that your foot doesnt have to be planted and you can use it at any team.. I think.. unless they just call it wrong.. but recently when playing with friends i more or less hacky sacked the ball up in the air and they called it a dead ball.. they say the foot has to be planted.. but according to the usavolleyball rules it just says that any part of the body can be used to hit the ball.. but i know in highschool leagues the ball has to be hit above the waist here in MI
But i know for a fact that you can hit it below the waist in ncaa or olympic rules.. high school is another story.. whether or not your foot has to be planted or not is my main question
I have 2 sources credible sources.. one being the ncaa rulebook and the other being the usa volleyball assos.. or something similar.. that state it can touch any part of your body as a hit


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Your friends are wrong. I'm not 100% sure on high school rules but as far as I know, you can use any part of your body. I think they changed the rules around 10 years ago. I've never heard anything about having your foot planted. I can't see the HS rule differing from the other associations.
Intentionally trying to kick it is probably not your best option though. Maybe your friends hate when you do it because it's an unorthodox style so they try to impose that rule on you. Quit showing off and dive with your hands but if you have to use your feet, it's perfectly legal.

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no u cants hit the volleyball w/ ur foot!

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YES!! USAV and NCAA now allow for the ball to be hit with any part of the body. I believe the rule changed in 2000 or 2001, at the same time scoring turned to rally. Now, high school rules can be slightly different, so you would have to look at the specific rules of your state's high school athletic association. High school rules are generally a few years behind college rules. Anyone who says you can't kick the ball does not know what they are talking about. I coach volleyball and have played for many years.

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i've heard you are allowed to hit it with your foot and it will be alive as long as you don't swing your leg like you are kicking it. you just have to let it bounce off your foot. i may not be right, but when i do this i'm never called for it.

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I know in highschool your foot HAS to be on the floor and if the ball happens to hit it and bounce back up then it's still good but you'll be lucky if the Ref catches that and still keeps it in play just 'cause it's hard to call. Unlike highschool. when I played club volleyball were were allowed to have our foot in the air and off the ground and hit the ball so they said but no one did it. We used the AAU rules and Team USA? something like that. I don't know how far that rule goes because what if someone is like an awesome soccer play and just always uses their feet ya know? Heh.

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in USA Volleyball you can...but i dont know about other places

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