Anyone else here a big vball fan?

i love volleyball


I am looking for Single (Non-Married) Players on The AVP Women's Beach Volleyball Tour?

Me! I played in through Middle School, and then through High School.

Why can't I do these things?

i love volleyball too i played it in my old youth group only once and even though i sucked it was really fun too bad we couldn't do it again the cold weather came in and then we moved

Need some synonims! I need to find a good team name.?

me too i play right now. my friends and i play street vball.

I've got a beehatch for a coach!?

OMG I LOVE VBALL! Im a freshman in high school and i play varsity! Its the best sport like evre!

What's the best way to get "physched up" for a competition? any pre-comp advice?

well yea i love it i play if u wana tlk abotu the sport email me

Anyone wants to play volleyball tomorrow in austin, MN?

heck yeah, i love volleyball!! im the best one on the team but my coach says i have a bad attutiude and always sits me then we lose the game!! every FRICKEN TIME!

I want to sent free sms to kuwit. hellp me?

no i dont. it is so slow and monotonous

How long does a volleyball game last?

OMG I love volleyball! It has to be the greatest sport ever! I love everything about it!! I play outside hitter! And I just love making an awesome kill on someone!! But then it is like awesome when you make this awesome dig and person is like a shocked and surprised!! But I love volleyball I have played for 4 years now! and it has been the best 4 years ever! u should email me and we can talk about volleyball!!

What are the latest innovations in volleyball?

Yeah, I love vball. I am playing in several regional leagues and I try to get in some beach volleyball tournaments now and then. I also enjoy playing in some regional 3 on 3 tournaments. Anyone who wants to talk vball drop me an emial or IM sometime ... ... s/n:arizwildcat21

Bergenbelsen hatikva?

i love volleyball too!I've been playing for 4 years in a local team!also our vb team at school have won the cap the last 2 years!!I've played in all the parts[however they are called(sorry I'm not English!)]!!it's great!:)

Volleyball or basketball?

i love vollyball it is my favorite sport i have played it 5 years

Good songs for a Highschool warmup CD?


What national command on volleyball the best in the world? (In your opinion) ...and the favourite player?

My friends and family say that i dont just LOVE vb, Im OBSESSED with it and everything to do with it.


What is the fastest way 2 get money???

I love volleyball!! Ive played since I was 3

How do you set a volleyball?

I love vball and I hope to play on the high school team.

Hell week coming up!?

I played volleyball since I was 12 years old in my school, now I'm 21, so obviously I'm a big fan. Also I've tried beach volleyball which I enjoy even more.

Show choir chants?

i love volleyball i am like on my grammas account but i love it and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... fun man i love it i sumtime play it in the rain i love it sooooooooooooooo much man i like love it so wat do u think about it man

What kind of exercises do you do in volleyball practice?

OMG HECK YES YOU BET I DO!! i play on a school team, club league, and spring and summer leagues!! I LOVE IT! it is the best sport ever invented!!! it's amazing

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