The girls and I need a volleyball team name, any suggestions?

we're an all girls team from ages 17 to 20 and we need a name quick. we're usually clumsy on the court and the community enjoys watching us play because we started off being the worst players of all and now we're the best team and the laughing stock because we're clumsy.which i'm proud of putting smiles on thier faces!


Any tips on overhand serving for volleyball?

Keystone Cops
Hair Setters
My Bad
Spiked Punch


Spike This

Do any girls wear sneakers without socks all the time and enjoy wearing them sockless? if so why do you?

the hot nerd's

The girls and I need a volleyball team name, any suggestions?

Bumpin Uglies

Any tips for a setter??

The buddy Bumpers I have no clue

Not a question but i have to ask?

I'm not the best at coming up with team names, so forgive me....

The Catastrophies

Cougars - Rarrrrr!

Where is the Nike Volleyball camp located?


My toes hurt!!?

The Fur Traders

Youth Volleyball?

How about the "Spikes Girls" or "Gold Diggers" or "Net Surfers"?

Who was the national champs of women's volleyball division one in the years 2000-2006?

-The Turn On's
-The smurff's
-The clumsy kitties
-Funny Bunnies

LOL I'm soooo sorry! I'm very bad at naming teams. Just thought I'd try! lol :o)


I want to try out for volleyball but i want to start practicing over the summer what should i work on?

underground riders because you used to be bad but know your really great you rose above all your challenges !

Is it hard to get onto a high school volleyball team?

The Fur Traders

That is what you call two lesbians in a canoe.

Hmm how about the Wizards.

Girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?

Spikes. go to google and itll give u some ideas. god r u that retarted.

Who is Pieter Olsros?

Well, like think of wht city you live at, and then add on spikers, like our team's the Indy Spikers.

Whats you favorie sport of all?

Okay, how about this.. The Brainy Bunch... I don't exactly know. Srry.

Who invented volley ball?

you could call your team the clumsy 5 or how ever many people you have on the team.

Do anybody know how i can play for the Junior olympic team?

the Xtreme

What sport did you like? example: volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, etc.?

The colossal spikes? lol jk who knows don't ask me!

How much do volleyball players get paid?

best team name I ever played for was "Severed Fishheads". Feel free to use it. Also on a team named "Disasters"

Tell me what you think, please!?


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