Bench warmer?

I am a volleyball player in our school...but when the team was about to have a play or a battle... I am always sitting in our bench and just watching my team mates...what should I do??how can I show my skills in playing when I am a bench warmer?...pls help me...


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Okay, just stop attending the games cuz u hate being a bench warmer or tell the coaches that u would like to play at least one "battle". I hope this helps...

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Many times a "bench warmer" gets chances to play by just being at the right place at the right time. You never know when a player will get hurt, ie, twist an ankle, break a toe, etc. By showing enthusiasm and rooting the team on tells the coach that you are still an integral part of the team.
Hang in there. Your turn will come.

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Your going to have to prove yourself in practice if your not getting the opportunity in game situations. Practice lots and when the opportunity comes in a game make the best of it. You have to better than the person thats playing, not just equal. Extra practice after a team practice will help show your coach that your dedicated. Ask your coach why your not playing and what you have to do to be able to play. Then improve on those parts of your game.

good luck

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Show your team that you are committed on and off the court. During practice, try your best and try to out play everybody, but do not show off. If you have any weaknesses, try to improve on them as quickly as possible. I spent an entire summer teaching myself to set because that was my biggest weakness. Everything comes with time. Remember volleyball is a team sport, thus support your team while you are on the bench, during practice, off the court, and specifically on the court.

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just keep on practicing and show at practice that you are a good player

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You should try to practice more, also if the coach doesn't play you as much then go on and try another sport were they will use u. For example basketball it is way better and volleyball players are always good on defense in basketball.

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try just talking 2 ur coach and ask 4 a private session and show him wut u can do... if that doesnt work i would stop coming 2 the games and if the coach askes why u were not there say there was no reason 2 come if u werent gunna play !

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Doing practice just do your best and try to kep your head in the game and be excited.

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the only thing you can do as a bench warmer is cheer for your team and give them support. then at practice you can try and improve your skills and try harder to show you coach that you can do it and then maybe that will all pay off and the next game or so. you may be able to play the next time.

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tell your coach i want to play.and if he says no then you show him in your practices..or right before a game...your coach should always be there for you when you want to play or something else..

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ask your coach to put you in, if that doesnt work do EXTRA good @ practice & kick butt, then if you do really good you prolly wont be a benchwarmer anymore.

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prove them all wrong and show them u should be on the court not the bench

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