Are people allowed to use their feet while playing volleyball?

I would like to know if the players are allowed to use their feet to either block or return in the game of Volleyball.


I am a teenager and I want to be a part time volleyball referee. Were can i call to get that information?

Used to be that you were able to touch the ball only from the waist up, but the USVBA rules now allow for any part of the body to touch the ball. So, yes, you can use your feet.

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Yea, just punt the ball at your oponents face and smash it in the sand

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No. Only hands are allowed in Volleyball. Bump, Set, Spike! :)

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you could use your head and maybe ur foot. remember you can't hit the ball twice in a row

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permdude is right, but your foot has to be on the ground. it can't be a kick. i.e. the ball has to hit your foot, not the other way around.

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yes they can.
same socers can use of hand by bad rull of fifa

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You can't kick the ball, if that's what you mean!

Is it fall forward and jump back?

It most likely depends on what sort of league you're playing with, alot of those sort of rules vary from league to league. I'm not sure about professional volleyball, but I imagine if you can black or return the ball, then it's fine. I know personally that in my highschool league it's been allowed since Volleyball started, same in majority of middle school leagues I've helped coach. If you're unsure and you're playing in a league, if you talk to your coach, I'm sure they can tell you.

Hope that helps!

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only if you are playing beach volleyball

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Contact with your feet is legal play. However, if it is done intentionally, the referrer has the right to give a warning and let the player know that he or she has done it too often.

Do you use your feet or head to make a pass?


How do you spike in volleyball?

yes and no. if ur playing beach volley ball yes as long as u don't do it intentionally and ur foot is still touching the ground. If ur playing volleyball in a gym no because u are only allowed to use ur fore arms and hands.

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your supposed to use your hands but your allowed to use any part of your body. If is bounces off of your foot or head your allowed to play off of it.

But im not soo sure you can use your feet for a block...

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you are not allowed to intentionally use your feet to keep the ball up but if it happens to hit your foot, there is no side out or any penalty.

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yes people are allowed to use their feet but it is usually counted as a play when the volleyball is unable to be reached by the hand.

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9.2.1 The ball may touch any part of the body.
9.2.2 The ball must not be hit, caught and/or thrown. It
can rebound in any direction.
9.2.3 The ball may touch various parts of the body, provided
that the contacts take place simultaneously.
Exceptions: At blocking, consecutive contacts may be
made by one or more blocker(s), provided
that the contacts occur during one action. At the first hit of the team, the ball may
contact various parts of the body consecutively,
provided that the contacts occur
during one action.

Playing the ball below the waist has been allowable for some time now. Originally when they allowed play below the waist your feet were required to remain in contact with the floor. That has since changed and contact with any part of the body is allowed.

Am I slow?

lol if you can spike a volleyball with your feet without touching the net, be my guest and i'm pretty sure the ref will be so surprised that he or she will award you the point for managing to either fly or bicycle a ball ~9-12 feet in the air lolol
oh yeah same with blocking too...XD XD XD

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