Any tips for a setter/spiker?

My coach says if he can't find a setter again then i will have to be the setter again, but if he does he wants me to be the main spiker. i'm 5'7 and i've been on the varsity team since my freshman year and next year i become a sophmore and i don't want a freshman taking my spot (not that i'm afraid). i also want to get better with my talent. so please anything could help in some way.


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this is a long and hard question!

to be a good setter you have to be able to set TO any person FROM anywhere on the court. after all the second hit is yours. so pratice that. also a setter is the play maker. learn to read your opposition. look for their weakness's and strengths. and always keep in mind you can set the backrow.

as for being a good hitter. learn to read the floor. watch the defense and keep looking for a 'hole'. try to keep your options open, or in other words, brute force can score kills, but it's not the only way to score points. dinks, cuts and of time shot hits are all simple techniques that are equally effective at scoring points.

good luck

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just keep on practicing your aim and power with spikes...i also was on Varsity, seasons over now tho :(

Ok, iv'e been playin 4 about 10 years. people who started playin last year are beating me to jr varsity..

If you want to really impress him, prepare yourself for both, it can only make you more valuable. Setters have to hit every now and then off of a bad pass and conversly sometimes outside hitters have to set occaisionally. Take an honest hard look at you game and improve on any weaknesses

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Here's a little something to get better at spiking:

Overall, if you want to stay as a spiker you will need to show your coach that you are the best option. So, you'll need to practice and show him that you are the main spiker to go with because let's be frank...if a 6'5 freshman comes in and is a monster at spiking, I'm sure your coach will go with her as the main spiker instead of you.

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Since i'm a spiker and pretty good at it i would tell you to just time your jump when the setter is about to set the ball up. and i can't help you out with being a setter i can't do that at all.

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Timing is everything! As a senior Spiker I learned that. That was many years ago, but still true today when I take it to the beach, baby!

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like vinniebagodonuts said, practice both. it will really help, and prepare you for anything. i play setter, spiker, and i'm ds(defensive specialist), because my coaches helped prepare me, and i practiced with random people i met in my neighborhood. practice however you can, but the more you do, the most likely your coach will see your dedication to the game and let you choose your position maybe.

i really hope that helps. good luck!

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I think if you guys (ladies) don't have a setter, you won't get good sets to hit.

With that said, I think besides all the good advice you've gotten here, maybe if there is someone else who is adequate at setting, but not good enough to be a full time setter (or even if she is), you and the other girl can run a "6-2" as they say. It can be very advantageous because you will always have three hitters in the front row and then run your stacks and shoots.

I primarily ran "6-2"'s as a setter in the back row and a hitter in the front row. Of course, I am not the best hitter on the team by far, so it's not like they have a dilemma of having to set me all the time. Running a "6-2" will require you to be good at both. But honestly, I love playing in that setting.

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