Any tips for a setter??

I'm a 5'1" setter, and next year will be trying out for varsity. However, there's a freshman coming up that could easily take it away from me, so does anyone have any tips or drill that I could use to become a better setter?? Thanks!


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I think the best drill to do is to practice getting a feel for the size of the ball. Practice against the wall by repeatedly setting the ball against the wall. You can even look at markings on the wall and try to set the ball to touch the mark. You can try different distances from the wall too.

If you have access to a weighted setters ball (kind of like a tetherball but volleyball sized) you can try to practice setting with that. It should strengthen your wrists.

Since you are on the shorter side, I would say it's also a good idea to learn to use your knees and weight to get more power into your set (allowing you to set higher/farther). I don't have a lot of experience with this (I am a 5'6" guy with very good "hops") however but supposedly that helps.

You can also work on a "back set" where you set the hitter behind you. If you develop a smooth back set, you can freeze the middle blocker from always committing to the side you are setting. The key to this is to not arch your back too much and release the ball slightly behind "overhead." You can work on your quick sets to keep the opponent off balance (1's) too.

The key to setting is control. I say you should never be so aggressive to force a set. If you get a bad pass, it's better to just get it up so that it's playable, even if it's off the net. Putting up a nice "10" is better than forcing a bad outside. You should think about your hitters' angles too. It is much more difficult for a hitter to hit a set that is coming from directly behind them. For example, if you receive a bad pass at the 5 position (right back), it is better to set the weak side (2 position) or the middle hitter (3 position). The strong side hitter (4 position) will have a bad angle and it will be more difficult for that person to get a good hit. Also you can work on your "pass" (or "bump"--the colloquial term) as a set too if the pass is too low.

Another important point is communication. You should call "help" early and AUDIBLY if you cannot get to it. If you should wish, you can say something like "right here" or something like that so that your teammates can hear where you are as they are passing to you. I can tell you the main difference I see in high school players versus older, more experienced players is their talking. You should help call in or out if you can. You can communicate to your hitters how many blockers they are going up against right after you set it, you can call out "one" or "two" or whatever. Or you can tell them where to hit it (line, angle, etc.) or adjust your sets based on what the opponent is blocking.

I can go on an on about this, obviously. But communication is key. Your coach will love you for talking.

One thing that you can also do is to find out where and how your hitters like to be set. I have hitters who like their sets really high, others who like it rather low (i.e. "loop") and others who like it "off" and others who like it "tight." Finding that out will help you set them better and thus make you look better.

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performance of a team depends on its setter,here are some tips:
1.Always find out which type of passes ur spikers like
wether high pass or low pass.Give them what they want and
try to fake sometimes,it works well.
2.Always observe the gaps of the opposite team so that u
can place when u can't pass the ball.
3.Try to improve ur jump u can do that by skipping daily.
4.Since ur short ask ur spikers to block and give them back
up when they miss.
5.Always avoid two things touching the net and giving pass
on the net

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yeah i am the setter for our team. you can get a perfessional trainer and work on it. like i did! You need to train every day to be really good. practice makes perfect!

Why is it that everybody has to be so dam mean?

just keep practicing .. thats all

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