Coed Volleyball?

How similar in rules is regular volleyball and coed volleyball? How close are the games? And what kind of rules are there?


Can U help me? Say yes!?

I play co-ed in Kansas City. The only differences are that the net is at the Men's height and that a girl must touch the ball on one of the three hits before the ball goes over the net (except for overpasses). The game is still the same, and so are the rules.

Do any body know if there is a volleyball camp or volleyball team looking for a good player in cleveland,Ohio?

gets me hard when i watch the girls dive and miss

A volleyball coaches gift?

Get your serves in!!
Don't look at someone when it's right between 2 people.
Talk and go for it if he/she is not calling it. It is better to collide and try than it is to let the ball drop.

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