I am on a junior olympic volleyball team & we need some awesome cheers & chants 2 get us pumped up?

our team is called the outlaws and we are all in high school so no little kiddie cheers plzzz!


Why cant i ever make a volleyball team??

If one of your players hits the ball and it goes off the block out of bounds: "tool" (pronouce too-wol to make it 2 syllables and more drawn out)
if your team gets a huge block where the ball is like straight down and there was like no chance for the other team to pick it up: "roof" (hold the 'oo' sound)
after a huge kill by one of your hitters : "chk-chk BOOM! chk-chk BOOM! chk-chk RE-LOAD"

What does Open, A, B, and BB mean for volleyball divisions?

Pork CHop, Pork Chop...Greasy, Greasy....We can beat your team.Easy, Easy!!!

I play volleyball and I need help to do a serve.?

ok u all get in a circle and i person in the middle and the people in the circle say
ridum ridum ride that pony so ridum ridum ride that pony all the way home ! while the person in the liddle "rides their pony" and then another person comes in and u do that

its really embarrasing but fun and it gets u pumped up

Should I even bother?

u should really use a phrase from the majority of the teams fav song. it worked for us.. we used 32 flavas from rock yo hips !

How do I become a middle/high school volleyball referee ?

Everyone stands in a circle and puts their hands in and yells 'bump set spike score, everybody hit the floor' and after you say hit the floor everyone turns around and dives outwards. (So you still have a circle) Then you do stretches.

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