Any people like basketball,volleyball,and soccer.?

i just want know because then i know i'm not the only who likes it. by what i mean is that not a lot of people in my class like these sports.


Volleyball cheers i need good ones!?

i play basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball! :) but softball is definitely my favorite.

Do anyone know when s world champion grandprix for volley ball(2006)starts...?

I used like to play basketball and volleyball, but not a soccer haha...

I got my Second Volly-Ball game tommarow and we are playing someone even harder than the first one.any advice?

I love soccer, and basketball but volleyball is horrible

How do volleyball playing styles vary from country to country?

Volleyball is my life.

On a scale of 1-10 how good would a varsity hit be for an 8th grade volleyball player?

without volleyball, I would prabably die!!

Can you please send me the lyric of "THE REASON"by HOOBASTANK?

volleyball is my sport..when im doing puts a smile on my face..thats all I can say!!

Can you give me true facts about volleyball??

If some people don't like sports in your classes, maybe you should consider joining a summer league. In MS we have Junior Olympics for volleyball. I think it is good to develop your skills. I like basketball and soccer--not as much as volleyball though--, but I don't play them for my school because there aren't good programs at my school.

How can I become a better outside hitter?

those are my favourite sports

I LOVE to dive on the court for balls..But when i walk my hips seem to pop..Know of any stretches?

i like volleyball

What are the dimensions of a volleyball court?

vball and soccer R who i am and basketball was ok until i change schools and quit... a lot of people like these sports... ur not alone!

How do you devolpe a good overhand serve?

I absolutely loveeeeeeeee volleyball. I live for it. Soccer is super cool too. My school is a huge soccer school. Same with basketball, although not quite as much.

And tons of people like these sports not just you, you silly goose.

What if you like a guy that is so out of your league and that he is in 8th while your in 6th what do youu do?

I played all of them :)) ppl in ur class dont luv these sports?Im shocked cuz all of the world loves and plays soccer,basketball and voleyball..

What are the advantages of left hand players in volleyball?

I really like volleyball, I played when I was in school like 6 years ago. A lot of practice but it was fun. I want to go to college here soon and play for them one day. Basketball and soccer was never really my thing.

I love volley ball but I need tips to get better?

YES! I play all three! It's addicting, I couldn't imagine NOT playing!

Volleyball tips ?

l luv those sports,l play them all the time.l even the teams play them.

Can anyone give me advice on how to spike harder and how to snap my wrist so i can hit it harder?

Are u kidding?I LOVE these sports!!!!!they r so awesome:)

What are some drills that i can do at home to improve my setting?!?!?

i love all those sports. they're my favorite and i've been playing since i was in 2nd grade...seriously!

I am looking for a beach volleyball day camp for teens, Encinitas or Carlsbad area.?

volleyball 4 ever.

Cool volleyball team name?

Soccer is okay, basketball i like, volleyball i love

Spiking behind teachers back?

If I would put them in order by what i like 1, 2, 3 .I would say that soccer is 1st , volley ball 2nd and basketball is 3rd. see you later!

Help with Setting in vball...?

i love all of those sports plus i love b-ball the most but ya you r not the only one

Where is the vsa cup 2006 being played?

i like soccer and volleyball and play bothh

How can i increase my vertical jump?

yes i do

Who is the woman breaking out of the volleyball in the Gatorade commercial? (Misty Mae's partner)?

well i play volleyball and basketball, and soccer! so your not the only one

Where can i download women volleyball videos ?

ihave played soccer in streets and gardens and gyms but ihave played bascket ball in school just .i have played volleyball in gym and i can play it better than soccor and bascketball.i love all of them but at first i love soccor then volleyball then bascket.ball

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  • Any people like basketball,volleyball,and soccer.?
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