Any tips for me on volleyball?

Mostly with serving and digging. People say I'm really good, but I always have my doubts.


Volleyball tips PLEASE!?

with digging get low to the ground and get your hands out in front of you,like a W shoulder width apart, so you can reseve a high or low ball. and with serving just put the ball out in front of your hitting arm and have a good follow through, and if you don't do a jump serve, use your back toe for balance on the follow through.


spike it and kick the other team's sorry BUTT!!

What's the advantage of a 5-1 over a 6-2?

don't have doubt. This could make you a bad player. try to spike it real hard.

Volleyball tryouts.ahhhh!?

never lock your knees, always bend them. call it when you have the ball, work as a team, practice.

Can anybody show me a video showing pplz how to serve over hand a ball!?

do you score when you serve? that is all matters hit the floor when u dig hit it where u can geyt under the ball directly have someone practice with you ... hit it where you have to dig it from every angle over and ver til you hit it over the net every single time ... have someone on the opposite side of net and serve it til you serve it directly to them each and every time have them stand in different areas every time

What is the fastest way 2 get money???

try ur best

How long (on average) does a college women's volleyball match last?

YA,try serving side arm it goes so much farther and stronger!!!!!!!!...

Good Volleyball Team Name?

practice, practice, practice, and look at the spiker's position

Pls. give me the history of volleyball?

get low and at first on hitting just try to get it in. dont try to nail it in at the very beginning

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