About Volleyball . . . some help please!?

My new b/f is a volleyball enthusiast -- but I know nothing about the indoor game. He is taking me to a tournament and I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a good website that I could learn some basics from. Like rules, scoring, etc. I've played and watched beach volleyball, but I understand that this is different. Help!


Anyone know of volleyball leagues in L.A?


you can go to this site...

Volleyball is volleyball no matter where you play and or how you play it! The only big difference with indoor and outdoor is just that - where they are played.

The ebony version on Indoor Volleyball:

- You may play 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc - but you are allowed a maximum of 6 players in the American version of volleyball other places like China allows 9players...but that is a different story.

-You are allowed a maxium of 3 contacts to get the ball over to your opponent's side.

-Anytime there is an error, it is classified as a sideout and a point is rewarded to the team that the error did not occur with (to).

-Once the ball is on your side you can play it anywhere as long as you don't interefe with the line and or your opponent under the net also...

- You cannot play the ball from the opponents side to the opponents side, but you may keep the ball in play from the opponents side to your own side and volley the ball over on the third to the opponents side! (I hope this one is clear)

I am not sure if he is taking you to watch a game for fun or it is a legit game, because then rules might vary. For instance there is something called reverse co-ed. But if you look at the website you should be able to get the info that you need.

Volleyball is now played rally scoring - which means every sideout (error) is a point for the team not committing the error. First to 30 wins...

If the games are best of 3 - then the third game is played rally scoring to 15 and the same goes for best of 5 - then the fifth game is played rally scoring to 15.

Also, key to remember - if your b/f is as enthused as you say he is about the sport be sure to acknowledge the current game as a whole as a "match" and the sets as "games".

In other words, your boyfriend is taking you to a "Volleyball Match" that may consist of 3-5 games in a "match"...

I hope this helps along with the website... FYI ask.com is always a good way to get information on about ANYTHING, so I tried to include the most informative site I could find on Ask.com!

All the best! -JF

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Check out the site of volleyball.org

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Umm ehow.com is a really good website! My mom got instructions on how to do different running exercises in basketball to keep in shape. there is all kinds of stuff on ther!

I still can't serve overhand in volleyball so it goes over the net. Any tips to help me out?

www.volleyball.com/rules.shtml well u could also go 2 www. volleyball.com and then go 2 the low down then go 2 volley ball rules

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