Can any of you people give me volleyball tips.?

I just signed up and heard that practice is starting pretty soon. I need some back up info so I can be able to understand the game. Anything would be great. Remember I am 5'6 to be exact, and i would like to know anything if possible, maybe even positions too!


Tips on jumping?

one thing when you are passing the ball to the setter make sure that you keep your arms straight so that the ball can hit on a flat surface and make sure you stay down, do not rise up when you are passing the ball. Have you feet pointed towards you target (normally the setter) to make a good pass. When hitting use you lower body more than your upper body. There are six people on the four at a time. setter, left hitter, middle hitter, right hitter, leftback and right back. anymore questions email me at

How high is a volleyball net? maybe this will help where from in buffalo? email me or try this site

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