What are some good fundraising ideas?

I need help in raising money for a volleyball tournament in Australia for this summer and could really use the help.


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Well, I know exactly what you are going through. I had to raise a lot of money for a volleyball classic in Hawaii last summer. Here are a few things I did:

1. There is a restuarant in a town 4 miles away from me that has awesome food and people from the region know that they have great food. So what I did was asked them if I could raffle a $25 Gift Certificate for my trip. I expected to pay them $25 for it, but they gave it to me for free! The tickets sold for $.25 a piece or 5 for $1.00 I made a lot of money!

2. Next thing I did was sold glazed donuts every Friday morning at my school. I ordered around 2 and a half boxes (keep in mind I come from a school with a total of 97 students in the entire high school). Students from all grades would look forward to Friday morning donuts. I sold them for $.75 a piece.

3. Ask local banks to make a donation. Around here, banks love to do it. Also, send out a letter to family members and friends of family, or even friends of family friends, and just let them know what opportunity you have. Include with the letter a smaller enveloped already stamped and with your address(just attach an address label). This way, all they have to do is put a check in the envelope and put it in the mail!
hope this helps!

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take up donations or have a bake sale

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raffle.. take donations for prizes (or come up with your own prize ideas) and sell tickets
or have a date auction

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auctions are great, a date auction like the suggestion above is a great idea, or try to find something valuable someone could donate, or maybe a silent auction of artwork of all sorts from the group you're trying to raise funds for. Hope it works out!!

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you could have a bbq or something like that and sell plate lunches

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