Can you convert a volleyball net into a tennis net?

I am trying to plan spring break for the kids I work with and I did not want to purchase a tennis net if I can use my volleyball net instead.


What is, the truth by good charlotte saying?

u can buy poles with the net and put the net at different levels... they R more expensive but less expensive than buying both

Who knows the best place to play volleyball in the summer for a 13 &16 yr old teen girl in san antonio, tx..?

You could , but it wouldn't be convenient because a Volleyball net is not as long as the tennis net, plus the net holes in the volleyball net are very large and the tennis ball could go through it and sometimes that would damage the Volleyball net.

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ya you could use a volleyball net!!
just lower it all the way to the ground.

Volleyball tips?

just hit they ends far enough in the ground

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