Can Someone Give Me Any Advice On Over Hand Serves?

I'm trying to get my overhand serve for the varsity team (to get more playin time, lol). Does any one know somethin for me, like where to hit it or how high to throw it?



When you toss the ball the height you toss it is up to you. I tell my players that their serve should be in a rhythm. Start counting from when you start your motion of your toss. One count is from standing still to dropping your tossing hand down w/ the ball. The upward movement of your hand is the two count and the three count is the release of the ball untill your contact it with your serving hand. The toss is done in front of your body. Keep it front of your body so when you step for your striking motion you will be almost under the ball. When making contact with the ball, the ball should be slightly in front of your body, your arm extended, elbow elevated. Contact the ball with a open, slightly cupped, firm hand. Upon contact, snap your wrist giving the ball a downward spin.

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you can practice by hitting it to your roof and letting it fall down so u can try again.A one story roof should be a good height for a net.Hit it with your palm and not with your fist so it wont go out of control.Take two or three steps with your dominate foot first and then serve.

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When serving over hand, it is easier if your serving hand is positioned like you're using a bow, so behind your earand elbow back. Then with your other arm, toss the ball forward. I usually use that arm to spot the ball, then when it's gets low enough, you hit the ball with your serving arm. Sort of like, giving it a little push upwards, then snap. That way, the ball goes up and over the net. Make sure that your feet is positioned correctly, because you don't want to cross the serving line and toes pointing at where you want them to.Make sure that your shoulders are pointing to the direction where you want the ball to land.

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Practice make perfect!! So start off with just tossing the ball with out actually hitting it. When you toss it up make sure the ball goes a little higher then the palm of your hand when your hand is extended over your head. When you actually hit the ball, your elbow should be fully extended when you make contact. Step with your opposite foot to create more force. Sorry if you don't understand this but it's a lot eaiser to do or show then to explain!!


You usually need to throw it into the air about a foot or so, so you can reach good height. If your shoulders arent as phisically fit as you want them (to help with serveing) then try lifting some 6 lbs. weights 30 mins 2 times a week

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all you rally have to do is get all the timing down. throw the ball in front of your hitting hand step the certain amount that you would like but make sure if you take alot of steps then throw it higher ohh and also make sure you follow through meaning dont just stop swinging when you feel the ball keep following through so the ball has more power to make it over the net

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