Any one like volleyball??

well if you need help i am here to help u?


Can a libero spike?

i <3 volleyball!!!! i don't need help right now, but i'll keep you in mind if i have questions! :) thnx

Skyrocket your vertical leap?

Great ! My sis is a volleyball champ. She might need u.

What should Itryout for soccer of volleyball i cant deside?

Yes! I love volleyball...but if i ever have a question I'll ask you thanks!!

Volleyball Culbs Phoenix, AZ?

yes!! i love volleyball! it's a sports that need alot of skills. it's not easy to pick up this skills but i can control the ball well by now. and to handle different type of force/ball need skills too. by playing matches with stronger opponents or playing 2 to 2 with your stronger friends (without the net) is the best way to upgrade yourself. there's a way to learn basic skills of volleyball and that is to take a volleyball, go to the wall and by using the skills, try to hit it as many times as possible before the ball drops. starting with 10balls then try to maintain the ball to 25, 50, 80, 150, 250,400,700,1000balls.i reach 1000balls for all the basic skills before my coach let us play match. so that particular wall is just like my wife already. i spent 3months to reach that. how many months or weeks do you need?

What requirements do you need to become a commonwealth games athlete?

Well..!I love Volleyball..!I ThiNk ItZ ThE BeSt SPorT..!

Pumping up?

I really love volleyball it's my favourite of all. I always use to play all the time in my teenager life. Now i hardly get chance to play, life got to busy. If i got chance to play sure i will let you know.


Though I am short, and cannot leap worth a lick, I have always enjoyed volleyball. I enjoy serving the best, as I am left handed, and by serves tend to wobble like a knuckleball in baseball. I am ot sure how I make it flutter, but it is really cool. Volleyball is a true American game, invented in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

I am a adult looking for a beginers volleyball/wolleyball club in southeastern MI.?

i do

Voleyballer/model Gabrielle _____?

i use to when i was like 5 . my mom and my aunt are so obsess with volleyball that they made me hate it and know hate it a lot!!!

How come volleyball is considered a feminiene sport?

YEAH!!! I lOVE VOLLEYBALL.. This sport ROXS!! WOW... It is so much kool. LOL. I don't think I would go to anyone but my coach for advise though. He knows what to do and is very straight forward. He is kinda a hard a**. BUT he is a GREAT coach!! Thanx for being there for us volleyball players though, it is so kool of you.

Where can I join a recreational volleyball team in houston, texas?

Yes....I like it very much.

I want to further improve my vertical jump by using air- alert, but does it work?

thanx,its a good sport,unfortunately not very popular in india although indians have done well in international level

What are all the basic rules in volleyball?Ü?

Yes I love it.
I never miss a chance to play.
It has helped me build my muscles.

Do you know any cheers for volleyball?

i love volleyball i am on my 3rd year of club right now, but during this summer i am taking part in the global challenge which is really fun it is basically Junior Olympics. but any way i have been playing volleyball ever sense i was 3 and i am now 13 turning 14 in may. i love volleyball and even though club and the global challenge cost me and my parent a whole lot of money it is worth it. i love just being with teammates and the adrenaline rush you get when you jump serve, block, kill the ball. volleyball is my natural high and i wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world

What colleges have men volleyball?

well duh
srry yes i love volleyball

How did jimmy george died?is that an accident or killing?

Hecky yes

Why does one volleyball player wear a jersey different from the other members of his or her team?

i dont think i need any help but i love to play VBALL

OK, I really love volleyball. But I'm scared to try out for a team! I'm really good too...?

My Students do, especially the girls,however the boys are quite good...

How many of you play freshman volleyball?

i love volleyball! its my passion. although i still can't quite make my serves (overhand) i still like to play! its because i know how to play, and i set my mind to it. if you dont actually think you can do something, or you dont think its cool, but you like to do it anyway, dont count yourself out just because its "not cool". go ahead and try anything! i tried volleyball because i liked to play it and my phys ed teacher said i should try out for the team, i did and i made it! if i have questions, i'll try to find ya

What would be the best colleges to attend in Chicago?

heck ya i like everysport! volly ball is good. i like playing it on my roof. k thanks for supporting me

Is it too late to be able to play a sport in college if I started this year??

Yes volleyball has all the elements that any good sport should have athleticism and skill. On top of that it's fast paced, high scoring and great competition especially at the international level. In the USA NCAA is good as well.

What is the best volleyball team in your opinion?

volleyball is my life!

Will Chaela Carter be Famous in the year 2008?


Any tips on how to improve your skills in Rumycube...?

i like volleyball but saying that it's your life is a little bit to muchdon't ya think

Volleyball question?

Yes. Ok

Who is the girl in the gatoraide vollyball commercial?

no nut maybe some one eles will

Give me a good way to practice englisg?

Yes ofcourse i love volleyball or odbojka how we cal it here in Serbia. Here it is very popular sport and our national teams are very good. Our man's team is fourth on the world and girls are tird!

How do you interpert "points per rotation" stat in volleyball?

Yes! I love and adore Volleyball. I hope to make a computer game of Volleyball someday.

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