A volleyball coaches gift?

we had a really really good season and we want something really good to give our coach (not like a gift certificate). any ideas?


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You could get a picture of your team and put it in a picture frame and have the team sign the frame.
also, did your coach/team do anything funny that you remember? such as, if they got a yellow or red card, you coujld make a "yellow card" or "red card."
just some ideas. Hope they helped.


a girlfriend

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I gave my coach a volleyball that I had all the girls on my team sign and some gift certificates to Big 5 and Starbucks. I also found some other cool gifts online.



http://stores.ebay.com/personalized-spor... (this one is really cute)

Hope this helps!

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A girlfriend... just jorking...
Well, how about somthing he likes... I mean try to find something that he really like (a book, a place, a perticular dinner) and then do somthing about it.
Hope this helps.

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we got our coach a ipod in her favorite color so she could listen to it while she worked out.

Do you like volleyball?

ask her what she likes and stuff?
then go from there.
and maybe have a v-ball theme.

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we gave our volley ball couch a mp3 player because he likes music. so i would give him something he likes.

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this may sound cheesy...
we got two volleyball and signed our names and left a massage on each of the balls.

hope this helps.

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a "6 pack"

Anyone here play on a club volleyball team?

Get her a volleyball and have a the team mates sign it and maybe get her some kind of pendant.

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