Ankle brace?

Question:i dont know if i should get them or where to get them? ive never sprained my ankle badly...but its always sore if i play too much and ive landed on it and like...had it hurt pretty bad a couple times.

but some people say that getting a brace just makes it worse?


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Getting an ankle brace does in some ways make it worse. I have weak ankles and play basketball, you can't imangine how many spained ankles I have had. I try not to rely on ankle braces because, it seems kind of weird, but your ankles rely on them instead of getting stonger. If you need to only wear them during the games, thats what I do. If it gets to bad go to a sports doctor and they'll tell you what you need to do.

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a brace should help it..

you can get them anywhere.
the best ones are ActiveAnkle
and they're usually like $30 and

try this;

or this;

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I would suggest getting an ankle brace to prevent any hard core dammage to your ankles. You need those babes to play ball. In your case it will help, not make your ankles worse. It would only make your ankles worse/Weaker if your ankles were fine and you just wore the brace for a prevention ahead of time.
You are able to get them pretty much anywhere. I would suggest Active Ankle... They are the pretty darn good ones. You can get a basic, durrable one for about $30 and their is also one that you can get that alows you to change the color inserts and it costs about $50. They have a pretty good range of differents types, it just depends on what you like more.

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GET ACTIVE ANKLES! They are a must if you are a setter or a hitter. Don't worry though because they are practically impossible to become dependent on. They are especially helpful for setters and channelers/hitters, because they tend to drift into the net (me especially) They have saved me numerous of times even from opposing channelers/hitters, because they have drifted over and landed on me numerous times. (I'm a setter)

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I am a firm believer in ActiveAnkle. Though they are expensive, they support your ankle and save your from breaks, sprains, and strains. Wear them during practice and at EVERY volleyball game. You'll be glad you did!

Good luck!

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I would first go to a doctor and see if there is any thing wrong with your ankle. Until then to be on the safe side I would get Active ankle. They are $30-$75 depending on shipping and where you live and what type. A girl on my vball team had the same problem and that really helped her. If your ankle is fine or OK then dont get a brace because then your ankle will become dependant on it and could lead to injuries in the future. Go to a sport doctor or trainer, but if not availible, ask any doctor what they reccomend.

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Get one at Dicks! I had to get one because of BAsketball reasens and they REALLY help! Hope you feel better!!

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I sprained by ankle, and was given a brace to use when playing volleyball. I still rolled my ankle with the brace on. The best thing to do is tape your ankle Get it done by a professional, or look up how to do it.

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I think a brace helps it especialy if u do alot of smashing in sports and u have to land on it

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In volleyball they are a smart thing to have. though very dangerous in basket ball or any other sport with lots of turning. they wont damage your foot they will help them ;)

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There have been allot of careers ended due to not having braces on the ankles. The odds are at sometime you will hurt your ankles in volleyball, spend the $$$ and get the active ankles.

Pay know or pay later with bad ankles.


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Active Ankles are by far the best ankle brace you can get for VB. Check'em out on Ebay to get the best deal.

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when you think it will hurt use an active ankle
you can almost buy them at any sport store in america

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I think all volleyball players should wear braces for their own safety. It does weaken your ankles a bit, but not enough to matter. I would rather have slightly weaker ankles than a sprained or broken one and not be able to play.

Usually you can find them at any sporting good store, Dunhams, Dicks, etc.

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i have the same delema. my friend and choach/ trainer tell me to it does NOT make it worse if u wear it only for games. wear one though its not worth a huge surgery to repair ligaments. it might take a while to get used to but just wear it.

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ive played vball my whole life.rolled my ankle a couple times, tried ankle braces, absolutely hated them. you can't jump as high, and they bother me when i play, more so then not wearing's a matter of how your ankles are.

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