Are the Italians not much interested in volley...?

Question:because there is no close contact with the opponents of the other team?

For one thing It's hard to dive without an excuse, for the other, they hate the evil net that keeps them away from touching other men. (and now you know why Cannavaro is a football player)


Any v. ball players out there who have damaged their knees from playing v. ball? what are you doing about it?

From the looks of the Greece/Turkey game, it appears the Greeks hate the net also.

I need help setting in volleyball?


High school volleyball - bump tips?

there not interested in Volley coze thats a GIRLY game!!

They only play games that are for MEN!!
such as SOCCER!!

Is there a better player than Vanja Grbic?

LOL,u poor Touzours,i know ur dying to play Volley ball with Italian hotties just so u can touch them!! u feeler!! loool

What strength workouts can i do to condition for vball next year?

Quite strange statement considering Italy's been for more than ten years the strongest volley team worldwide and currently still one of top three.

Why can't I do these things?

Somebody in Italy must like volleyball after all the 2009 FIVB Men's World Championship is going to be in Italy and RAI paid the rights fees.

On top of that the athletes on the men's team must be coming from some where they finished 5th in the 2006 WC'S and won a silver in 2004. If the game is not popular in Italy then why do they attract such talented players.

Ok so this is a joke HA HA HA !!!!!

I need a good nickname for a volleyball player on my team. His last name is Coomes and yes Coom By Ya is out.?

at least one of them doesn't know how to satisfy and take care of his woman. you know better Anna - why the question?

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