Could u help me?

i just awnt 2 no if anyone coould rite a short paragraph out finding ur pulse


What is the different between normal volleyball and beach volleyball?


Using your pointer finger and your middle finger, press on the back of your wrist (so that your finger nails are pointing to the floor), just below the thumb. There is a groove below the bone, underneath of the thumb. Wait a couple of seconds, and do not press too hard. We do not want to stop blood flow!


Place your thumb onto your chin. Swing the same two fingers onto the side of your neck. On each side of your Adam's Apple, there is a groove. Feel for your pulse. Again, do not press to hard or you will stop the blood flow. Do not press both sides at the same time or you will stop blood flow.

Anything about volleyball referee.? does this have anything to do with volleyball?

I can see why you need help, though - no offence, but your spelling and grammer skills are atrocious.

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