Boy's volleyball (illinois)?

Are there any boys volleyball camps/trainers/teams that I could join in Illinois.. I guess are there any summer camps for boys volleyball? (for the camps : they dont have to be in illinois) thanks if u help me!


Whats the best way tolearn volleyball?

Where in Illinois do you live. I can give you a few different ideas in either the Chicago land area and/or the Quad Cities area.

Do you know angelie suya?

i dont really know of any guy v-ball camps. you can google it and also some universities give pretty good boy v-ball camps

How do u get to play 9 ball?

i do not know of any in illinios, but in utah they have them like 24/7 hey how cute are you rate yourself on a scale of 1-100 hey email me PLEASE
; )

What are some cool volleyball ace cheer?

hey, i play volleyball for Eastside volleybal club. I have been playing there for at least 6 years now. It is a mix of boys and girls. this is down near peoria. you can go to and see what they have to offer.
i hope that this helps you a lot.

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