Any tips on better playing?



How i can be good volly ball player?

CONTROL. That's the number one thing that you need to be good at. If you don't have it, the games are gonna be embarrassing!
Always get the second hit to you setter, and if u are the setter, get the 2nd hit and get it to your middle blocker so she/he can spike/drive it over the net. Try to get three hits all together.Talk to your team mates! Call the ball and BE AGGRESSIVE.
Always be in ready position, which is hands on your knees, ready to run. Make sure you understand how to rotate and get back to your spot.
Practice your serves whenever possible, that is the easiest way to get easy points! Overhand serve if possible because it's harder and you are more likely to get points.
Remember, CONTROL!!

Any open gym volleyball in waikiki area?

Not sure at what level your are, but one of the common mistakes many make is positioning your arms for passes. Essentially, you want to wrap your right hand around the outside of your left hand and pull down (assuming you are right handed). You then want to pass the ball with the flat part of your arms between your elbows and your wrist.

If you do this, you will notice that it creates a large relatively flat area, making it easy to control. You virtually never want to pass the ball with your your fist. A round ball hitting a round never know where the ball will go.

good luck

How do you play 6 1 in volleyball ( im a setter)?

The Key To Success
The Key to being successful in a volleyball game is getting your first hit to the setter. Without a good pass to the setter, the setter cant get a good set which leads to a bad or even worse, no hit which will make it easy for the other team to return the ball and set up for a spike.

With a lot of practice bumping can become an easy skill to master. What you first have to focus on is how you position your arms. You want to create a flat surface on the forearms to make the ball easy to control. Also, you need to know when to bump. there’s a simple rule, if the ball is above your elbow region, don’t bump it, try to set it. Also, if the ball is to the side of you and you can reach it without having to dive or run, pivot to the side with one foot.

When setting, you want to try to get no movement on the ball, and if you do get movement on it, you don’t want to get sideways motion on it for that would be a double hit. There’s a simple way to understand how to set. Pretend your holding a 2 liter bottle of soda between your two hands and then hold your hands up still in that form above your head and you should see a window between your hands. When setting, you want to take the ball into the window and then push iyt out but not catch it.

Hitting (spiking)
In hitting, the key is getting a good jump. In practice when we do our hitting drill and in games it is found easiest to start at the 10-foot line and then take three steps forward and then plant your feet and jump. The key here is planting your feet this way your momentum doesn’t carry on and send your body into the net.

These are a few basic skills for volleyball. I’m not to sure what you were looking for but i hope this helped

How do u set a ball right in volleyball?

footwork, footwork, footwork! Work on moving fast towards the ball.

I'm a v-ball beginner any tips?

Practice pratice. And by the way, some of you all who have answered don't know what you're talking about. You can run a lot faster if you squat with your hands out in front of you--not on your knees! Keep praticing and conditioning. It will make you better.

Volleyball Team Name!?

Okay. R u on a team. If not, go ask a coach @ skool(if u go to skool) for help. They would be glad to help u. Tell them that u want to make the team next year(depending wat grade ur in). Good Luck! P.S. Call MINE!!

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