Are there large concrete beach resurfacers, i.e a beach Zamboni?

On a recent episode of the TV show Raines, during a scene filmed at the beach, one of the character was sitting on top of a large concrete roller which appeared to be something similar to a 'beach zamboni'. I have never seen one here on the East coast, but maybe in California? I am thinking perhaps for competetive beach sports?


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I went with a group of students to Mississippi last year to help with the clean-up. I saw a bunch of heavy equipment that the government had on the beach. There was one vehical that smoothed over the beach. It was fairly big, but did not look like a zamboni. But after it was through the surface of the beach was very smooth, just like a zamboni does for the ice. I am from the east coast too and it is the first time I had ever seen a vehical like that.

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I always thought they just static rolled the beach with a standard roller. But I could believe that someone would cutom build one for a popular beach due to the business it can draw.

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