Beach volleyball court size?

we are building am outdoor beach volleyball place and i need too know how wide it should be on all sides thanx♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥☺ p.s. when you do your answer put it in feet (example 8 feet wide) ok?


I had a laser eye surgery 2 years ago(PRK).Now I do some sports like Volleyball and Ping pong,?

Here you go all the information you need on one page.

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The new short court size is 26' 3" (in effect since 2002).

There are lots of websites out there for building courts. A few considerations.
1. Make the sand relatively deep, 12" will not be enough. I'd go as deep as 3'. Rain and wind will compact the sand and you will want to be able to till it to loosen it up a couple times a season.
2. Give as much as 10' on all sides outside the court.
3. Consider surrounding the court with extruded curb (pretty cheap, usually $4-5 a foot for someone to do) to hold in the sand and define the playing area.
4. Fencing around the court for stray balls is always a good idea.
5. Consider that people are playing barefoot so constructing near foot hazards outside the court is ill advised.
6. Building next to a garage or solid wall is nice to help keep balls near the court, it also can act as a location to mount lights for playing later at night.
7. Install the poles in concrete well below the sand level. Don't mess with temporary poles.

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