Are there any websites that give tips on how to play volleyball better??

I am trying out for my high school team, and I want to do the best I possibly can. And, If anyone knows where I can get cheap volleyball shoes, that would be great too.=]


Ankle brace?

no website is going to help you, it can give you pointers but the thing is you need to talk to your verteran players on your team and your coach, and follow what they say as the word.if you want to make the team there is no better way than showing hard work and the willingingness to ask for help, pointers and just work your *** off!

Where can I find xlarge or xxlarge kneepads for volleyball?


Have fun playing

GILRS ONLY! girls if we're in a NO RULES fight with a guy wats the best way to distract him then hurt him?

Ya here is a site i use sometimes. I play senior varsity ball.

Any tips on overhand serving for volleyball?

you cant "play volleyball better" you cant get it off a website you need to get on the court and practice.

What is the top Volleyball cheer in the United States Of America?

if you like to play volleyball better,you should practit with one trainar of volleyball.I think that it isn't a websites which can help the only oportunetion is that you should practis more and more volleyball.

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