Any tips on overhand serving for volleyball?

Im a great underhand server but my coach says I need to learn how to overhand serve. Im having a problem hitting the ball hard enough to get it over the net.


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SWING UR ARMS!! thats the trick... high toss, fast swing, like your hitting someone who you absotively dispise... that helps me a lot.

How do you devolpe a good overhand serve?

Just make sure you keep your hand in a fist. I throw the ball up in the air when I am doing that but you don't really have to. Then just hit it with as much force as you would underhand and there you have it.

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Don't have ur hand in a fist you lose all control. Keep your hand open. You can use your body to hit it just like a hit. Take one to three steps to get a little momentum and then throw the ball up and hit and follow through. You can arch your back a little and swing through with you body for extra force.

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Just make sure u r throwing the ball up straight and when u swing ur arm dont let ur arm go to the side to much cause that makes it harder. hit it open hand w/the ur lower close to ur wrist the very bottom of ur palm and just practice liffing weights can also help.u can also jump to get hight it depends what on wat ur having problems

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Ok I am right handed so I'll explain everything with that in mind.

Start with the ball in your left hand and just relax, think about getting the ball over. You have to relly focus since it is mostly brain work also. Start with your feet together. As you toss the ball in the air with your left hand, aim with it too. Also, get your right hand ready as you toss the ball. Your right hand should be in line as your right ear. Don't toss it too high because as it falls down, it will just gain speed and you might miss it. When the ball is at the highest spot that it can go, turn your left hand facing to the net, and hit the ball. How you should hit the ball is this: You have your right hand in line with your ear so, wind up and stretch back a bit, but your hand should still be in line with your ear. When the ball is about the place where you aimed with your left hand, follow through with your right hand. At the same time, pretend like you are pulling something down with your left hand. This helps you gain much more speed and stregth on the ball since now you are putting your full body onto it.

To top-spin a shot, try to hit the ball at the top just a little bit. Also, spinning the ball as you are tossing it helps too. For a floater, Hit the ball dead-center, and you will definately see it moving left and right. I recommend a low,hard and deep floater since the ball is moving and is the hardest to receive (and easiest to serve). Good luck and keep working on it!

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First, practice your toss over and over. You need consistency, it should be in the same spot every time. If you are having to chase your toss you are starting a serious disadvantage. Second, keep the hand you serve with up around your head. Very often people learning to serve have a tendency to start serving with the arm at their waste or they start with it high and then drop their arm. Serving has alot to do with timing and by the time you bring your arm up to hit the ball, more than likely your arm won't be up high. Ideally, you want to hit the ball with your arm fully extended with your hand open and slightly cupped about 6-8 inches in front of you. Toss the ball with the opposite hand you are going to hit with, draw your hand back by your ear like drawing an arrow with a bow. Step with your opposite foot, extend your arm high and swing through the ball. As you get better you can then adjust your toss, arm speed and where you contact the ball to make your serves not just over and in but points.

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Well first you need to make sure your foot is lined up straight with the net. Then you take the ball and as it gets to the level to where you KNOW it is going over the net hit it. You dont have to hit it like extremely hard, but act like it is your enemy's face and you wanna just slap her. Because when you serve overhand, you have to have an open hand. Its best if your fingers are no gap in between them because with all of your fingers together, it gives your hand more strength to hit the ball over the net hard enough! I learned how to overhand serve when i was like in the 5th grade. It was kind of hard, but since my sister is a college volleyball player..she has taught me all kinds of stuff. Well I hope I answered your question. If you wanna talk about volleyball or ask me anything about it, you can add me to yahoo messenger.

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just swing ur arm really fast. but not to fast. stiffen ur hand and and hit it wit ur palm.

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the most important part is the follow through

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I start off with my knees kinda bent. i swing my arm up and make it tight (this sends the ball further for some reason. if you're loose, it won't go anywhere). Next, toss the ball into the air and follow through with your arm.
if you're right handed, have your left foot stepping forward.
this works for EVERYONE.
all of the girls on my volleyball team got a stronger serve by using this technique that our coach taught us.
try it! :)

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Don't worry. You'll get it.

**Opposite foot forward and knees bent!
**Toss low, in front and consistent!
**Elbow High- Rigid Wrist/Hand

~~Low toss
~~Swing fast
~~Stable stance.

Pick a target.
Transter your Weight from rear to front foot.
Floow through to target.
Fast armswing for deep/hard serves; slower for short/soft serves.

But, the most important thing is to NOT RUSH YOURSELF!!

Good luck!

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the keys to a good overhand serve is:

1. high elbow, don't let it drop by your chin it should be high up at the top of your head.

2. good toss, the toss has to be a good 1-2 feet above your head to make sure it gets over the net...also, make sure it is out in front of you so you don't have to arch your back or lunge forward to get it over

3. high contact point, hit the ball when it is at the highest point in the air..if you hit it when it's too low it will be hard to get the ball up and over the net

4. follow through, your arm should follow through down by your hip on the same side you served on (i.e. right side if you're right handed, left side if you're left handed)

good luck! practice makes better!

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If your a right handed person then make sure that your left foot is straight. Bounce the ball a couple of times and keep your hand kinda stiff so your arm is like speghetti! lol Anyways Keep practicing and soon you will be a pro, at serving over hand! Good luck

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