Cheer or Volleyball?

Question:My best firend J is really against cheerleading. She just doesn't like it. But our other best friend, M, is a great cheerleader. I know lots of girls on the cheer squad who think i would be a great flier and dancer. My other really good friend, L, thinks I should try out for volleyball. I would love to but the problem is is tht cheer and v-ball tryouts are at the same time. What should I do?
PS- Track and soccer are also at the same times and I can only do two sports. So cheer and track or volleyball and soccer?


I tried out for volleyball and made it. i was on the team last year and its big tradtion to make nicknames.

I, personally, think that you should do what you truly want to do, you can't get through life worrying if your friends will be okay with your decisions, if they don't like your decision then that is their chioce, adn if they are really your friends then they will be happy for you with whatever you choose.

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I'd go with Volleyball.

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being a cheerleader myself i would pick cheer because you make a lot of friends in cheer but wait you make a lot of friends in v-ball to i would pick (depending on your grade) cheer one year and volleyball the next and balance them out

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i'd do v-ball and soccer

i play both their really fun! i also do track but all u really do is run and who wants to do that??

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hey, pick what you want to do. don't let your friends decide for you. if i were you i would pick volleyball, because I'm not a cheerleader-type- girl and i have been playing vball for a couple of years, but this is your decision. If you think that you wouldn't have much fun with one sport than the other, then pick the one you feel more comfortable with. Plus, with the track and soccer one also. soccer's cool but i would pick track. for me I'm a sprinter so i would pick track because its fun and you get to meet new people. hey maybe you might even see me at a meet if you join track. : )

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ok sooo lets just think of it this way.Cheerleading is for boys iit is to cheer for independent ! do something for yourself..its not like one cheerleader really stands out..volleyball players do and it is really fun when u get into it...I hope u have fun with whatever choice u make.

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Depends on how you feel about it. Don't let your frineds push you around on what you should do, go with what you think is right, and if your friend(s) get mad at you, they might not be true friends.

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I would choose cheer because i played volleyball and you have to run alot and plus cheer cost less probably.

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i think you should do volleyball!

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I think it really depends on you. I love playing volleyball, and i love being the one people are cheering for. If you like to cheer then be a cheerleader. If you like both then do Cheerleading and one of the other sports.

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cheerleading for sure. its so freakin fun you dont even know. i love being a cheerleader

but i'm also a flyer

and if you wanna be a flyer. you cant be afraid of anything or you'll get kicked off the team. i'm serious, fasho.

<3 adios baby.

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deffinetly. offence...doesnt get you that far in life..and isnt competitive really..i mean yea their competitons..but its not a game. volleyballs the best. seriously
do ittt.

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I did both it was stressing for me but, i went ahead and cheered for all the games and was there all my volleyball games. if i could do it you could do it.

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Don't let someone on here decide what you are going to do. I probably have a gut feeling of what you want to do, go with that. Do worry about what your friends are doing, play the sports you want. Your friends will still be there and chance are you can make some more friends.

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I'd do vball. and soccer. Vball is more fun and you dont have as much of a chance to hurt yourself (or your voice), though I have a friend who broke her thumb playing vball. Also think about which sport you have a better chance of getting into and which you might want to pursue or play for recreation later in your life.

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there both cool you go with want youlove to play not your friends play.

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Females dat play voleyball are hot

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cheer and track =D


best answer for you is to go with your heart. Whatever one you think is best for you. Whatever one you think you are at

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I've been a volleyball player since i was born and i love it. So i'd pick volleyball plus all of the girls on my team would get together and make up volleyball cheers. some of us who are friends with the cheer leaders would teach them the cheers and vice verse maybe if you could do that. and track would be a plus for either volleyball or cheering.

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definately volleyball. it's so much fun.

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I don't know anyone who ever got a scholarship for cheerleader but my girlfriend did get a 4 year scholarship for track.

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i say cheer and track because because cheer by far takes more athletic talent and that track will keep you more in shape than soccer

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I'd go with Volleyball and or Volleyball and soccer...Just not Cheerleading!!

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Go with volleyball .. it looks better on college applications and builds your muscles up.

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If I were you i would do V-Ball and Soccer b/c you will get caught up in track and cheerleading!!

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