Any people think that volley ball is the best sport?


How to improve my overhand serve in Volleyball?

volleyball is definitely the best sport in my book, it is a fast paced game that focuses on teamwork over that of individuals, forcing people to work as a team of they want to succede. Also ive played many other sports including cross country soccer and baseball, and none have ever come close to being as fun as volleyball, theres just so much more to do in volleyball, setting hitting passing, and you almost touch the ball every play. Volleyball=life

Where can i buy FBT shorts in singapore? the kind that netball players wear,very silky and short.?

yeh, I love volleyball i could play it everyday... *_* well I do but i still love it...

What brazilian`s volleyball players you think more beaultiful??

I like it very much, but there are also many other good sports

In volleyball, how do you get a better vertical?

yes it is the vest sport in the world

What could i wear to a volleyball tryout?

-There is no other sport in which you smack the crap outta a ball with your bare hands.

-No other block in a sport is as satisfying than in volleyball.

-V-ball has the tightest cheers.

Help me!?

YEah, definitly its so much fun, I luvvv it!

Do u like to play v-ball ?? thats my fave sport! wuts your fave sport? do u play a sport? do u like sports!?


Whats the american girl sports address?

volleyball is the best i can play it all day long if i wanted to.

What are good exercises for Volleyball?

Volleyball is awesome, what other sport is there where u can slam the ball in the other persons face

How i am to get better....?


Why doesn't list results for AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) on this website?

yes! me!

What muscle groups are utilized when competing in volleyball?

I LOV LOV LOV LOV LOV V-BALL it the best sport it the whole world!! Or at least that is my opinion!

What is COM/DCOM in VB?

yeah, the best, right up there with cheerleading

Does anyone know of some volleyball cheers that dont have to do with sideout?

i dont know if it is the best sport ever but its my favorite.

Which sprt is more efficent swimming/waterpolo or valleyball??

i for 1 do!

Do girls like to play vollyball alot?

HECK YEAH!! it's the funnest sport that I've ever played!

What are some volleyball cheers?? for the people sitting out?

I do it is so cool its fun and active i play for my school but when i get older hopefully i can be a PRO

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