Can a libero spike?

i know they have to stay in the back row...but as long as they spike behind the 10foot line.can they spike?


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yeah as long as they can spike at back line

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yes they can as long as the are behind the ten before and after contact. also if they jump they can not be above the tape/net when they make contact.

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yup =) yah, they have to jump behind the 10-ft line, but they CAN land in front of it. its not necissarily ((i know i cant spell)) a 'spike' but more like a down-ball.

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Yes they can. I played Libero this year and i hit a lot of back row. Depending on the refs too, sometimes they will not call the back row attack. in this case make sure you have your speaking captain go to the up ref and ask him to watch that. You will get a lot of extra points on an inexperienced Libero.

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Yes a libero can spike, as long as they do not jump over the net and they do not go past the ten foot line. Sometimes its better to ask the ref before the game starts, because some refs same one thing while other refs say something else.

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No they aren't allowed to break the net line. So unless they are really short and don't jump good luck. But you can do down balls.

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The Libero is NOT allowed to complete an attack hit from anywhere (including playing court and free zone) if at the moment of contact the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net. He/she may not serve, block, or attempt to block-except in the case of NCAA Women's Volleyball-where a libero is allowed to serve but only in a certain rotation. It is really up to the discretion of the officials as to what they will consider an illegal attack by the libero." Some are very lenient when it comes to the libero attack rule-as long as the libero doesn't jump-they assume the ball is below the height of the top of the net if it is attacked in the backrow.

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yes a liber can spike but they HAVE to do a back row spike

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absoloutely!! i'm a libero/ DS this year and i've been a SETTER for ever (hence the ultimatesetter22 thing!!) but just this year my club coach switched me to DS/ Libero and of course you can spike!! (i mean if ur physically capable ;-) ) lol so yeah of course... as long as ur behing the 10 foot line when u jump

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1 of the asnweres you have recieved so far is close to accurate, but most of them are completly wrong.

A libero can hit the ball with the motions that are thought of to be a spike, but they cannot "spike the ball".

A libero cannot block a ball ever, they cannot spike a ball inside the 10' line, the can serve in 1 rotation in NCAA ONLY!

If a libero is playing a ball over the net it must have "clear and consise upward ark" meaning that they can spike the ball as long as it goes up and over the net to do so.

If the libero jumps and spikes the ball, the upref determines weather or not the libeor was above the height of the net. If the player is determined to be above the height of the net it will be considered a back row attack.

Because allot of refs (exspecially at lower levels) will be watching the ball they will only use the upward ark portion of the rule to determine wether a player is making an illegal attack.

So to sum it up, as long as a libero is below the height of the net, or has clear and obvious upward ark, they can complete a spike.

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the libero may attack the ball in most leagues, but not all so i would reccomend checking with your coach to find out what the regulations are (e.g. no jumping, no crossing the 10-ft. line, etc.). i used to play libero, and sometimes i could spike sometimes i couldn't, it just depended on the league. so...check to clarify what the rule is in your league. and p.s. the libero may cross the 10-ft. line as long as they aren't blocking or playing at the net.

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