Any good exercises?

well volleyball season ended and everyday after school i just go home and sit around since i don't have volleyball practice or games anymore. what kind of things should i do to get me moving more. and i live in ohio so its getting kind of cold.



It is terrible to live in our area. I live in Michigan and I hate the cold too. It is hard to get motivated to be active outside when it is freezing. If you like sports there are many indoor arenas and things like that. Some Centers offer racket ball that keeps you moving and is even a fun place to take a date. Ice hockey is a fav for guys around here. Basketball indoors.

As for straight out exercises, Cardio is your best bet. you dont need to strength train for volleyball. You said you just want to be active. Try a tybo or kick boxing video. These will keep you in fit condition.

Then again you can be like me and just think about this stuff, gain 5-7 pounds over the winter and then lose it come spring. Just like the bears. LOL

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maybe you can join a winter sport at your school or a local recreation center to keep yourself in shape

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My dad is really harsh on my volleyball training, and i do some really good exercises...
You can always jump rope, to build your calf muscles to jump higher. Also do some squat jumps.. feel the burn! If you have a medicine ball you can throw it up in the air and catch it, builds your arm muscles for setting and spiking.

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tons well first strecth and then jump high to the net and then get a rope tie like from a pole to another pole and jump over it from beging to start and thenset a ball as high as u can then slid on the floor and let the ball bounce once and then set it again so set slide/bounce set the ball and u might slide and bounce at the same time so u have to get up as quick as possible.have fun it got me into shape a lot

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get a volleyball and set it up against the wall and see how many times you can do it same with bumping the ball and spiking

How can i make myself a better volleyball player?

u could try jumping up (blocking) and practicing your spike approach
stretching or jogging will definetly help
also doing chores around ur house teehee

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sit ups, run in place, plyometrics, teadmill, medicine balls, run up and down stairs, squats

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CLUB VOLLEYBALL!!! It's a great way to get seen, and keeping up your skills, and meeting new people! Cheers!

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club volleyball

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Goin a v-ball club!!

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what about jogging?

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