im doin a report :(


How to dive properly?

There are plenty of professional beach volleyball players in California, and the name of the professional league is called the AVP for the Association of Volleyball Professionals. The most famous players are Karch Kiraly, and Misty May (sp?).

Twenty five years ago, there was in professional indoor league, but that disbanded long before you were born.

Lastly, your spelling/grammar is atrocious. Please don't think that TXT shortcuts are appropriate anywhere other than your cell phone.

Why is it just the insecure kids/teenagers that pick fights with other kids?

Are you going to spell like this on your report?

How can i get better at vollyball?

hope u dont get a 0 for spelling she probaly wont even bother wasting half an hour on 1 word.


there's no real 'pro' 6-man teams anywhere in america. if there is, i bet theyr'e barely considered 'pro'. anyone who's decent goes to europe to play. they have good leagues there. only pro leagues i know of in the states are beach 2 and 4 man teams.

Does anyone know if there is a volleyball camp or some volley ball program in the summer for a 6th graderto?

look online at

Who was the first african american vollyball player?

other than misty may and kerrie walsh nope but there pro beach players and i kinda knoe them...

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