Can U help me? Say yes!?

I just met this boy his soooo great 4 me .He likes me and I do too. But there's a problem he says he has a girl friend is that bad? Way? Oh, I just like him! He want's to be with me but I told him that I feel I little bit uncunfoble knowing that he has I girlfriend...what should I do or say? Help it's important!


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There wasn't even a sport mentioned in that little paragraph let alone volleyball.

Volleyball question,?

You could say ya'll could stay friends untill he broke up with his girlfriend.That way u can get to know him more before he ask you out.When the time is right go for it.GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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well if he doesnt dump his girlfriend for u, u should find some1 else.

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Back off, remember if he's willing to cheat on his current g/f, he will cheat on you too. And don't think no he won't. I bet he loves his current g/f too, so much so, that he is willing and ready to cheat. CHECK yourself!!!!

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You should stay the hell away from him. Don't have anything to do with him until she breaks up with his girlfriend. Don't be silly if he is willing to be with you and another girl at the same time then he would do that to you also.

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tell him to dump her. if hes not willing to then he obviously doesnt like you as much as you thought.

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what does this have to do with volleyball

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yes of course i can help u. ask him if he really loves u. then ask him if he loves u more or his girlfriend. if he says u then tell him 2 dump the other chick and tell her to get on with her life. then you'll be 2gether.if he says no get out of his life. ur a great girl and he missed out on u.

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Dude where's the volleyball in this? Oh well, since I'm in here now I might as well answer it. Since you told him that you weren't comfortable with him having a girlfriend other than you, there's nothing much to say. I think you should back off of it for awhile like don't pressure him to break up with her. Ask each other what you really want. Ask him does he want you or her? Ask him what he really wants and what he desires for. If he's going to go out with you and break up with his girlfriend he should do it in a more sincere way. Because what will be worse would be his girlfriend coming after you. Now this is when you can spike the volleyball on her and get what you want. Hey volleyball does play a part in this. She's either got to face the breakup or the volleyball. Good luck with this one.

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umm. what does this have to do with volleyball??

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