Volleyball tips PLEASE!?

please i would really apreciate any volley ball tips besides "use both hands"


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well that is true when you go up to block use both hands. But when you ar on serve-recieve get take a step back and then right when they touch the ball take a step up. that gets you moving. talk on the floor. Call outs, in, tip, dink, middle, outside, and when someone on your team spikes it make a "cup" around them just incase the other team blocks it. Also dont put your hands on your knees. When you go to spike it then go for the ball like you are opening french doors.. that gets your upper body in motion and ready to hit. Also wait for the ball when going to spike! and if you are setter then make sure your sets are consistant.. good luck

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check my best answers section on serving

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mmkay, lets see
you should always touch the floor before the ball comes over the net on a serve so your in a low position, && and when you spike the ball you always want to rember this rythnm "left right left jump" and your spike should be grand :-]]]
well thats all i can think of i hope you do good in volleyball!

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OK ummmmm.... work on your serve because the overhand serve is the hardest to get... are you on a team? anyway also work on the spiking and DON'T LET THE BALL HIT THE FLOOR! i know that it sounds stupid but some people forget. just if you are at home then take the volleyball and set it against the wall! that seems to help me! when you are playing CONCENTRATE! hope that that helped you. if you want more advise then just talk to me! my name is Volleyball! i have a few questions but u can use them for just advise!

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Don't be nervous. IF u r then it's gona spoil ur performance. And don't rest ur hands on ur knees cos that slows u down when u have to react fast. Always be ready... U never know when a ball will be spiked at u so bend ur knees and be ready to sprawl!! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY? JUST HAVE FUN!!! V-Ball is all about friends and fun!! GOOD LUCK!

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