A doubt about volleyball?

Are you allowed to use your head or foot to kick the volleyball during the game?


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Depends under which rules you are playing. International and college volleyball now allow for contact with any part of the body, so long as the contact is not "prolonged," in which case it would be called a lift. That rule change happened when rally scoring (no side outs) was adopted. National Federation of State High School Associations rules allow only for contact above and including the waist. Thus, in high school volleyball, headers are allowed, but kicking is not. Some volleyball clubs and rec leagues specify their own rules.

Anyone who responds to your question with an "absolutely not" is simply uninformed when it comes to the changes that have occurred in the sport's rules over the last few years.

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if it's club volleyball, most likely yes. if it's for like school or something, the rules vary but typically it's a no. it really depends. just look into the league you're playing in or ask a coach or official...maybe do a search on the league.
sorry, that probably doesnt help much.
but either way, its so much harder to use ur head or feet. haha. although i've had a few experiences where getting it with a foot was a hell of a lot better than letting it touch the ground...so idk good luck!

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yeah uh no

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It depends where you're playing and by what rules. In international volleyball, you can use any part of your body to contact the ball. In high school, you can't touch the ball with any part below the waist.

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