Are there any grants for small school volleyball teams, for items such as uniforms and equipment?

I am a high school volleyball coach. We are a small private school, with little funds. I would love to have some quality training equipment, is anyone willing to donate to small schools?


Without proper equipments, how can i improve in volleyball?


Shoulder Pain?

I would talk with the administrators of the school about finding sponsors for your team. Go around to community businesses, restaurants, shops, and ask if they can help support your team in any way. I would suggest to get your team doing as many fund-raisers as possible. After speaking to the admins. of the school you will be able to find out what is legal and illegal, because I'm not sure it's legal to have sponsors for a high school team, but since your a private school the rules may be different. I hope this information can help a little. Best Wishes :-)

If a person bumps the volleyball,even though it's out,will it hurt the team's points?

you could have a fundraiser.. sell cookies because that is what my cheerleading team we could get a new warm up suit.. i know different sport but still same kinda situation

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